Emotional Intelligence

EI Skills Group

Having completed the Mayer, Salovey, Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test Certification Workshop at Yale means our Managing Partner, Matthew Asser is certified through the EI Skills Group. The group is focused on the original definition and model of EI proposed in 1990 by researchers Peter Salovey and Jack Mayer. EI Skills Group content applies the power of academic psychology to individuals, teams, managers and organizations.

We help our clients educate, assess, and implement Emotional Intelligence within their organizations.
We do so through keynote addresses, breakout sessions, workshops, coaching and the MSCEIT™.

Emotional intelligence is a practical and theoretical approach to leveraging the power of emotions to help us achieve our goals. Emotional intelligence was developed by psychologists Jack Mayer and Peter Salovey. Theirs is an ability model of emotional intelligence which defines emotional intelligence as the ability to reason with, and about, emotions. Emotions are a complex and sophisticated form of data that can help you think, decide and take effective action. Emotional intelligence combines feelings with thinking, and thinking with feeling and can be described as four related, but different, abilities:

  1. Perceiving Emotions: emotions contain information, or data, and this is the ability to accurately recognize how you and those around you are feeling.
  2. Using Emotions: the ability to generate emotions, and to use emotions in cognitive tasks such as problem-solving and creativity.
  3. Understanding Emotions: the ability to understand complex emotions and emotional "chains", how emotions transition from one stage to another.
  4. Managing Emotions: the ability which allows you to intelligently integrate the data of emotions in your self and in others in order to devise effective strategies that help you achieve positive outcomes.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment EI SKILLS GROUP – Certified Professional and MHS – Certified MSCEIT™ Professional 

Our Managing Partner, Matthew Asser, is an EI Skills Group Certified Professional and an MHS Certified MSCEIT Professional. 4Growth can bring the power of the MSCEIT to your organization. The MSCEIT™ is the world’s leading ability-based measure of Emotional Intelligence. (™ Trademark of the test publisher Multi-Health Systems Inc.)

Emotional Intelligence Workshops

We are certified to deliver a 2-Day Emotional Intelligence workshop. This workshop utilizes the MSCEIT, which directly measures one’s ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions. The workshop focuses on the interpretation, use, and application of EI abilities in the workplace. EI is a highly energized, practical and motivational program.

The EI training program is beneficial for everyone in your organization. This program is designed for those who want to succeed and are serious about personal and professional excellence. Research indicates that people who are more intelligent about managing emotions are more effective leaders, have better peer relationships and have an increased ability to adapt to change.

Topic Areas Covered

The MSCEIT Assessment

  • The 4 Core Abilities of Emotional Intelligence
  • The Corresponding 8 Tasks of Emotional Intelligenc
  • Emotions, Feelings & Moods
  • Building an Emotional Vocabulary
  • The Emotional Intelligence Blueprint – How to apply EI to Problem-solving & Decision-making
  • Styles & EI
  • Retention and Derailment
  • Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Manager

Program Outcomes
At the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Gauge personal level of emotional intelligence
  • Understand how emotional intelligence affects performance
  • Understand the impact of EI on business
  • Develop a personal action plan for improvement