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You Define Value

Date:November 17, 2013

We ask this question of all our clients, "What’s valuable to you about your business?” It's a stimulating question that gives our clients pause, we can see the proverbial wheels spinning . . .

The answers start to emerge: It might be top-line revenue, profitability, often it has to do with focus, i.e. being able allocate resources effectively so they can work at things that interest them. Often too what's valuable about their business is how it's a means to more time with their family. 

Your Business Model

When a client engages us we use their definition of value and start to build on that. We often start with the business model because that’s where core problems reside. Business owners don’t change when they’re having some success with their current model—so they don’t question its relevance or sustainability. In our work we see denial and futile attempts to tweak and continue the status quo. Understanding that things must change occurs too late, and often too painfully.

Your Key Work Systems and Processes

In helping our clients grow what's valuable to them we need to look at the context of the business. We embrace an open systems theory approach to our work with clients. We focus on the importance of role, authority, and the design of work systems and processes. This includes:

  • Clarifying the client's role in the business;
  • Defining profitable service levels;
  • Creating and delivering marketing efforts that build the brand; and
  • Engaging sales processes and service delivery that creates word-of-mouth marketing and evangelists

When you have a moment, and find youself thinking about the business (stepping back, looking at it objectively) please consider our question, "What's valuable to you about your business?" You may find the answer startling.

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Date:November 17, 2013