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Jacques Brunelle

Jacques brings a breadth of knowledge to 4Growth Inc., stemming from a career in business spanning more than 35 years. Most recently he was Vice-President of Business Development at Montreal-based Informat Software Inc.  Jacques has also held executive responsibilities at IBM Canada Ltd, Canada Post Corporation, Van Houtte Inc., McKesson Canada and Uniprix.  

Successfully leveraging a variety of business models and organizational settings, Jacques has a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities in several functional areas and industries, specifically:  distribution & logistics, retail, services, information technology, and general management.

Jacques is passionate about community service. Over the past 15 years, he has been involved with a number of charitable foundations, including Fondation Ressources Jeunesse, the Terry Fox Foundation, and the F.I.N.L.B. (for the visually impaired) where he recently completed a five-year assignment as the Chairman of the Board.  Since then, Jacques has agreed to sit on the Board of Epilepsy Canada, as one of its valued Directors.

Jacques holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University. He coaches a youth ski racing program in Mont Tremblant during the winter, and also finds time in the summer to run two U12 and U14 National Tennis Championship tournaments.

Jacques is based in Montréal.

Success In Quebec With the US-Canada trade reaching more than $1 billion US per day, the Canadian market is not one that should be overlooked. The proximity, some cultural commonality and the free-trade relationship are all things that make it easy to do business in Canada. For US companies it has never been easier to adapt their products to the Canadian and Québec markets, e.g.  on-line translation services can help with market entry. Using translation experts ensures...

Date:December 9, 2013