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Mark Edwards

As a partner in a public accounting firm for over 20 years, Mark has extensive experience with all size companies from the small startup, up to international mid-size companies.

Mark has experience with several different financial accounting systems, financial reporting systems and corporate governance for all levels of business. The accounting firm not only provided accounting, audit and tax services, but assisted with arranging financing through various sources both public and private.

Mark has been involved at the senior management level in smaller public companies including the CEO and CFO roles as well as being a Director . Through these experiences, he is well aware of the issues and constraints facing public companies today.

Asset Sale vs. Share Sale--Do you know the difference? There is a lot of confusion when it comes to understanding the difference between an asset sale and a share sale in Canada so here is a brief explanation for those that do not know.  The overriding idea here is that sellers want to sell shares and buyers want to buy assets. There are a few reasons for this but most of them are tax related.  When the shares of a corporation are sold, everything from the company name to the liabilities are...

Date:October 1, 2013

Financial Processes Mean Business Acting as an interim CFO means more than preparing financial statements. Our interim CFO work with an energy services company involved developing financial and operational processes in several departments, reducing inefficiencies, and improving revenue and profits. A client of ours referred a colleague to 4Growth, he is the President of a $40MM energy services company (we’ll call him Mr. Mann) and needed help. Mr. Mann was experiencing a...

Date:October 1, 2013