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Organizational Development

Our Organizational Development expertise supports everything we do. For example, often a roadblock to a successful business change (e.g. a merger or acquisition) is the existing ownership or management team. Our executive coaching helps these individual to reimagine and redefine their purpose, and so renew their passion & productivity.

In our Active Management we work to replace ourselves within six to nine months. Often there is talent within the business that can take on our role; all they need is some developmental coaching to get them there.

We breakdown Organizational Development into:

  1. Learning & Development
  2. Coaching & Performance

Learning & Development

We have learning programs that focus on leadership, team effectiveness, marketing and marketing research, sales effectiveness, and major account management.

Adults have a different view of what learning is, and there are several learning theories that develop these views. Overall, adults tend to have very specific objectives when they approach learning. Adults like to:

  • Control what is happening when learning, and to exercise personal responsibility when learning new ideas;
  • Define what is to be learned and be convinced it is relevant to their needs;
  • Have their experiences recognized and be used as part of the learning process; and
  • Ensure that the information being learned can be used to solve immediate problems.
  • The bottom line is that adults want to construct their learning experiences.

At 4Growth we build our content on these fundamental principles.

We focus on the importance of role, responsibilites, and the your systems and processes. Our program content includes:

  • Strategy, business and marketing plan development including tactics that create action;
  • Individual role analysis and clarification; and
  • Sales strategy, planning and sales effectiveness.

Coaching & Performance

At its heart coaching is really about implementing personal (and organizational) change. Our focus is on executive coaching, developmental, and transition coaching.

Our executive coaching often focuses on role and role definition. How the client views their role and how the firm views the client’s role are often different. This work creates clarity and purposefulness.

Our developmental coaching often occurs in any one of our effectiveness program. For example in our sales effectiveness program we introduce sales models and then coach the sales personnel in the context of the model.

Our transition coaching involves helping business owners and executives work through transitions, whether imposed or voluntary. An example we often see is a blockage created by business owner’s own mindset around what they will do after a proposed change. This uncertainty can cause change to stall. Our transition coaching helps business owners and executives to plan for change so they can reimagine, redefine & renew their passion & productivity.  

The coaching literature is expansive and covers several domains. We view coaching as a systemic process that fosters the client's ongoing self-directed learning and personal growth. Coaching is more about asking the right questions than telling the client what to do.

We use coaching as a way to improve the skills and performance, and enhance the development, of our clients. Coaching is a process where individuals are helped to explore issues, set goals, develop action plans and then act, monitor and evaluate progress. The coach’s role is to help and guide the client through this process.

At 4Growth we use evidence-based coaching models.

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