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Active Management

Our experience demonstrates over and over that we can’t simply drop an assessment and walk away. With our active management services we take on a role within your organization to lead change.

Sometimes clients understand their business problems clearly, but they can’t fix them due to the challenges with Could, Can, or Will.

  • They don’t have the capacity to handle the issue or the potential for the role (Could)
  • They don’t have the skills and knowledge that are necessary (Can)
  • They don’t have the motivation to lead or implement (Will)

For instance, we’ve worked with owners of technical services companies who are, not surprisingly, technically oriented. They understand the need for market development, but have limited capacity, skill or even the will to actively develop markets.

An organization may have a sales leader, but doesn’t have the "C-Suite" expertise of a Chief Sales Officer to create, lead and grow a significant sales force.

Your business might have an excellent accountant, but not the “C-Suite” expertise of a Chief Financial Officer who can create financial, control and oversight processes that are necessary as your business grows. 4Growth does, that’s why our Active Management services are so important to the success of your company.

We step into leadership roles to help you lead the strategic initiative developed in the business assessment. We provide interim leadership to help you overcome blockages. We work to replace ourselves within six to nine months.

An integral part of your growth plan is Sales Effectiveness.