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Business Assessment

The outcome of our Business Assessment process is a written plan.

We work with you to assess your business, compare your "state of readiness" to the strategic initiative you are considering, and then layout the initiatives you need to take to be successful.

Our business assessments contain two main sections.

  1. Strategic Fit:

    By strategic fit we mean understanding how key elements of your business can work together to crystalize the opportunity you’re pursuing.

    Strategic Fit reflects the component of your business model that creates overall the Client Value Proposition you are taking to market.
  2. Organizational Readiness:

    By organizational readiness we mean the integral elements of your business that need to be in place to execute your plan.

    We help define the key resources and key processes that drive your business.

    Our business assessment documents are a complete take away.

Often our clients need help executing. We are there to help. As the authors of your business assessment we are uniquely positioned to help you execute. That’s where our Active Management comes into play.