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Sales Effectiveness

In Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices Peter Drucker wrote:

"Effectiveness is the foundation of success—efficiency is a minimum condition for survival after success has been achieved. Efficiency is concerned with doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things."

Understanding what those Right Things are in their businesses is an ongoing struggle for C-Suite executives. 

As experienced sales management executives we see this ongoing struggle reveal itself in the sales function.

In fact Sales Effectiveness is the number one issue facing Chief Sales Officers (CSOs). A recent Accenture study stated that the top priority of CSOs around the world is to increase sales effectiveness. We are delighed to see our experience validated, because it plays to our strengths. The report gave some key insights as well on how to increase sales effectiveness. Businesses need to:

  • Develop consistent, customer-centric sales methodologies and processes that sustain customer loyalty;
  • Embed more science into sales talent acquisition and retention practices; and
  • Drive adoption of sales tools through alignment with processes, especially with mobile solutions that provide a distinctive sales representative experience.

This ties directly to our two core Sales Effectiveness Solutions: (1) SEAT and (2) C9.


At the base of our sales effectiveness system lies Occulus, an online sales tools that helps you eliminate your Reality Gap. Soft pipelines will break your business. This is particularly true with large opportunities. As seasoned sales management executives we continually see large opportunities in many organizations being treated as just part of the flow, or worse, discounted right out of the sales forecast. CSO Insights reported that 48.6% of Chief Sales Officers believed close probabilities in their pipelines were too high and that only 46% of opportunities that were projected to win actually closed. 

You can also download our brochure by clicking HERE.

Your Pipeline Reality Gap.

The Reality Gap is the difference between your estimated forecast vs our systematic "Probability of Win" methodology. To overcome the problems associated with your pipeline the Reality Gap needs to be closed. 

4Growth creates trust and confidence in your projected wins and helps you close your Reality Gap though two key disciplines: Validation and Action.

1) Validation

Experience Matters. With a 4Growth experienced sales management executive by their side your sales people are coached through the validation process. The validation process is non-disruptive; we can work with any CRM, sales model or sales process. Occulus is our validation technology partner. The Occulus technology assesses each opportunity and determines the, (i) Probability of Winning, and (ii) the Probability of Winning on Time. Occulus creates an early warning system of potential problems and outlines specific recommendations that we build into our customized playbooks.

2) Action

Exerience Matters. Using a customized playbook the 4Growth executive works with the sales person and manager to help them develop a clear insight into their opportunities. As one Sales Manager recently said to us; “Our sales reps now clearly see the depth of their opportunities and what needs to be done to move them forward.” 

Don't allow your pipeline to be simply reflected in spreadsheets and other tracking systems.

Validate and Take Action to close your Reality Gap! 

Misunderstanding Sales Effectiveness and allowing Reality Gaps are key roadblocks to growth.





SEAT System
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