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Sales Forecast Accuracy and Close Rates

At 4Growth we focus on sales effectiveness. Being experienced sales management executives we know the difficulties inherent in selling. We are always delighted when we see other sales executives speaking on topics we love. Jim Dickie's work is terrific and highly regarded by 4Growth.

See Jim Dickie, Managing Partner, at CSO Insights, speak on the importance of forecast accuracy and how to improve your forecast close rate.:


Defining and Creating Growth

We see companies challenged continually. Clients come to 4Growth because they've hit a plateau, their growth has stalled. Of course it's also about opportunites. Business owners come to us to help them define, plan and implement strategies to realize opportunities. Our work is also very personal. Our clients are people first and foremost. We help our clients define their success strategies, their ideal roles, and where possible redefine the organizational structure to embed this new personal vision.

Creating Sales Effectiveness

A recent CSO Insights survey showed over 47% of forecasted (and weighted) enterprise sales opportunities never close. In fact, the odds of winning at a craps table in Las Vegas are slightly higher. Sales Effectiveness is the number one issue facing Chief Sales Officers (CSOs). A recent Accenture study stated that the top priority of CSOs around the world is to increase sales effectiveness. We are delighted to see our experience validated, because it plays to our strengths.

See Gary Collins' interview where he describes Sales Effectiveness and Sales Predictability using our SEAT System:

A Massive Opportunity for Canadian Entrepreneurs

Canada’s boomer generation is preparing to retire and to do so over 120,000 businesses will transition or be sold. Many of the founders will have to give up part or all of the company they have spent their lifetime building. Some will restructure to pass it on to their children or employees while others will put it on the block to the highest bidder. Whichever they choose it represents a big opportunity for the next generation to buy in to a well proven enterprise with solid assets and a proven workforce.